A few more days until Halloween! Is your outfit ready to go?

If your schedule has completely boxed you in and left you blowing in the wind, consider typing up ‘best Halloween stores near me’ to find some last-minute supplies. Autumn is one of the most beloved times of year, due in no small part to the beautiful changes in the weather and the fun holidays. Halloween is your social excuse to dress up and let loose, particularly if you’re a huge geek or miss hanging out with friends! Not every outfit has to be a work of art, either. A little creativity and resourcefulness is all you need to turn heads this year.

Try out these fun costume ideas for your end-of-the-year shindig!

The Origin Of Halloween

Before you type up ‘best Halloween stores near me’, ask yourself…just where did such a popular tradition come from, anyway? Halloween originated from an ancient Pagan festival known as ‘Samhain’, celebrated by Celtic people thousands of years ago. Immigrants from Ireland and Scotland would then bring Halloween to the United States during the 1800’s. It’s since become one of the most beloved holidays on American soil, across multiple demographics and different age groups. Finding ‘the best Halloween stores near me’ is a natural thing to look up!

Today’s Love For October Scares

What makes Halloween such a mainstay? Some claim it’s the candy, as they could use a good reason to dig into their sweet tooth. Others are happy to dress up and have some good, old-fashioned fun. A series of studies have been released to better keep track of the more common attitudes around this spooky holiday. Nearly 70% of Americans today cite chocolate as their favorite Halloween candy, with 60% of parents outright admitting to stealing some of their children’s treats! To date over five million American adults will dress as a classic witch or vampire.

Popular Halloween Traditions

Not all Halloween parties look the same. Some are long walks throughout various neighborhoods to gather up the biggest bags of candy. Others will go to an office party and finally show off their silly side. Yearly Halloween expenditure in the United States amounts to over $9 billion. Back in 2017 it was estimated nearly 180 million Americans chose to celebrate Halloween, with seven out of 10 consumers making sure to hand out candy in one way or another. How will you make your night the most memorable one yet?

Nerdy Costume Ideas

A good outfit for photo opportunities certainly doesn’t hurt. Nerds and geeks, listen up. Harley Quinn, Black Panther, and Link are some of the most popular characters for the fall season, iconic enough to find great selections at your online Halloween costume store without being too hard to put together. You can also look up some cheap make-up or an accessory to complete the set-up. A recent study found nearly three and a half million American children love to dress up as their favorite superhero for the holiday.

Finding A Halloween Online Store

Whether it’s several costumes for parties you’ll be having throughout the week or a female jester costume to finally live out your fantasy of being the ultimate sidekick, there’s plenty to find when you type in ‘best Halloween stores near me’. Online shopping is becoming the most popular way of finding services nowadays, due in no small part to the larger selection and convenient shipping options. Make sure to avoid common pitfalls like using spray paint on your skin or wearing contacts that aren’t certified safe by eye doctors. You want to have fun, not destroy your health!

Halloween is right around the corner. Celebrate it in style with online costume stores.