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Three Types of Art Explained in No Time

Written by Contemporary Artists on August 20, 2013. Posted in Homepage

Famous comtemporary artists

We have all seen the guy in the beret standing unmoving at the same painting for twenty minutes, just staring. If you have not had much experience in art, you may not know the artist that he is looking at, much less what he is looking for in the painting. But, with a rudimentary knowledge of art, anyone can learn to appreciate art for what it has to offer. The following are three terms that you can easily discuss and learn more about, and they act as a great springboard into the deeper world of art.

1. Contemporary Art

You will find no contemporary artists from hundreds of years ago. And all artists now are contemporary artists. Contemporary art is happening right now. It is the period that developed from postmodern art. All you need to remember is that all art today is contemporary art, no matte