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Month: August 2017

How Art in a Hospital Benefits Patients and Employees

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Every hospital owner wants their facilities to feel welcoming. Unfortunately, many people can feel nervous at the thought of staying in a hospital. One way to ensure your hospital is beneficial for staff and patients is through obtaining artwork for your hospital. Hospitality art consultants help medical facilities across the nation have the right kind of artwork. Here are three benefits of including artwork within a hospital.

  1. Increases Employee Productivity

    Hospital employees can find themselves working long hours taking care of patients. Statistics show that employees working in areas decorated with items including art and plants were 17% more productive than those in lean spaces. Hospitality art consultants find artwork for healthcare facilities. A healthcare manager can have these consultants find artwork that works well in medical settings. Choosing the wrong kind of artwork could unintentionally send the wrong message to patients.
  2. Helps Patients Feel More at Home

    Hospitality art consultants know that a medical environment isn’t always the most welcoming. Including art within your hospital works well to make patients feel at home. Wall art for hospitals is something of utmost importance for patients. People that are staying within a hospital room need to feel at home. A recent study was conducted concerning hospital patients staying on a floor where 18 pieces of art were hung. These patients would go to comment that the art made them feel more at home. Many patients love the stress relief provided by great pieces of art.
  3. Certain Paintings Decease Feelings of Pain

    Paintings can invoke a wide range of feelings. Hospitality art consultants work to match the mood of art with what patients need to feel. It’s common for a painting to be placed in a patients room that features elements of nature. Studies have found that looking at nature paintings can make someone feel calmer. A study in 2011 by the University of London looked at what happens when people viewed a beautiful painting. The results of this study found that blood flow increased by 10% when people saw these amazing paintings.

In closing, there are several important benefits of including art within a hospital. Studies have found that employees working in space with a lot of artwork are more productive than workers with no art nearby. It’s imperative that a hospital manager does everything possible to increase the productivity and happiness of employees. Including art within a hospital helps patients feel more at home. It’s best to include patients within the rooms of paints, in addition to the waiting room and other areas. Studies have found that certain paintings can help patients feel a decrease in pain. Hospitality art consultants make medical facilities around the nation more welcoming to staff and patients.

Top 3 Reasons to Start Skateboarding

Motor skateboard

Think skateboarding is just for kids? Think again. Skateboarding can be done by almost any age group or talent level. It is a fun outdoor activity that can provide exercise in the fresh air. You don’t have to be talented. You don’t have to be athletic. You don’t have to be a kid. There are so many different kinds of skateboards that anyone can enjoy the sport. Electric skate boards, powered skateboards, and off road motorized skateboards are just some of the varieties. Here are the top 3 reasons to take up skateboarding.

1. Skateboarding accepts all skill and activity levels. Skateboarding can be divided into two categories. A core skater is someone that skates at least 26 times per year. A casual skater skates less than 26 times per year. No matter how experienced you are on your skateboard, there are others at the same level and probably people more experienced to learn from. It is a sport you can grow into, even as an adult.

2. It is an activity growing in popularity. An estimated 11 million people say that they enjoy skateboarding on a regular basis. And why not? Skateboarding is a great chance to get outside in the fresh air. It can be for transportation or just for fun. Want some help getting to where you are going? Try an electric skate board. Electric skate boards are rechargeable and environmentally friendly. They work great for transportation needs and are just plain fun, providing yet another reason to give skateboarding a go.

3. There are many places to go and things to do with skateboarding. The U.S. carries half of the global skateboarding market and has over 500 skateboarding parks in operation. That means there is probably a skateboarding park near you. And if there’s not? There are still nature trails and parks, sidewalks and quiet roads. With a wide range of options for skateboards, you can find one that meets your needs and your atmosphere. Just go on you skateboard and escape your normal routine.

Skateboarding is making a comeback in the U.S. It is not just for kids anymore. Different styles of skateboards can meet just about any demand or environment. Going to a state park or on a nature trail? Try an all terrain electric skateboard. Concerned about the environment? Try an electric skate board. Whatever motivates you, you can find a skateboard to match. No matter your age or athletic ability, give skateboarding a try for transportation or for fun.