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Month: January 2019

4 Benefits of Owning a Photo Booth Rental Business

There’s no doubt that many people love taking pictures of themselves and others. Research shows that people upload about 350 million photographs on Facebook each day. In fact, people take as many pictures in two minutes as the number of photographs taken by all of humanity during the 1800s. It’s unlikely that the popularity of taking pictures will dwindle anytime soon. Therefore, you might be thinking about owning a photo booth rental business. With that in mind, here are four reasons that starting a photo booth business makes for a great side hustle.

  • Making More Money

    One of the main reasons people want to start a business is to make money. There’s nothing wrong with wanting your bank account to grow. Considering that, it’s important to realize that people take an astounding amount of photos. In fact, research from Benedict Evans found that people post almost 22 billion pictures on Instagram each year. With that in mind, it should be easy to find opp Continue reading

Kids Can Pick Apples and Pumpkins at the Farm

Autumn is a time for harvest, and in fact, until 500 years ago, this season was simply known as “harvest,” and for good reason. In Europe, and later in the colonial and modern United States, autumn is the time for harvesting crops such as apples and pumpkins, along with gourds and many other fruits and vegetables. Today, even though most farming is done with large combines and the like, farms can still make for a fun day trip for families, and a activities for kids are everywhere when a farm hosts a festival or other social event in the autumn. Kids can go on hay bale rides, explore the farm’s property, and most of all, they can visit an apple farm and, with supervision, pick apples from the orchard’s trees and also visit the pumpkin patch where they can choose their own pumpkin to harvest and take home with them. Meanwhile, the adults can use these pumpkins and apples as fresh, authentic ingredients for all k Continue reading

How Often Does Marketing Drive Your In Store Purchase Decisions?

This is the end of one of the largest shopping seasons of the year. After holiday shopping and all of the returns, there are now a number of ways that companies continue to encourage us to spend. From the pet food packaging for dogs that encourage us to buy the more expensive brand to the medical marijuana bags that advertise where you have made your latest purchase, there are many ways that the best marketing times can encourage us to spend even after the end of the holiday shopping season.
Custom packaging plays an important role in many of the purchases that we make. Companies know, of course, that the latest research indicates that businesses that pay close attention to packaging have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest. So matter what you are trying to sell, you can actually get the products that you want sold even when people are not really in the buying Continue reading