Party bus rental st louis mo

Are you planning a big event soon with lots of guests coming? Worried about transportation, especially if there’s lots of drinking going on? Do you want to try and keep everyone together to avoid losing anyone or confusion about where people should head? You should consider renting a party bus. You can often get cheap bus rentals for a bachelor or bachelorette party, prom, or just general fun! You can start the party on the bus, keep it going as you go from place to place, and not have to worry about DUIs, people getting lost, and some cred for saying you were on a party bus! Additionally, some luxury bus rentals offer amenities like a fully stocked wet bar, lights, a dance floor, and wrap around limo seating. Even the not cheap bus rentals are usually less expensive than renting a limousine for the evening.
What Are Common Events to Rent a Party Bus For?
Looking into cheap bus rentals or even a more luxurious party bus is a great idea for gatherings that are sure to get a little rowdier, involve moderate to heavy drinking, and for a crowd of people. So naturally, you’ll see party buses used a lot for bachelor or bachelorette parties or casino and winery trips. Going to prom is another great reason to rent a party bus, as are weddings. For big birthdays, party buses may also be used — and if you really feel like getting crazy, you could rent a party bus for a fun night out on the town that you and your friends are sure to never forget!
What Does a Party Bus Usually Include?
Depending on the kind of party bus you rent, you’ll be able to keep the party going no matter how much you have to drive around! Most have state-of-the-art light and sounds systems, often with iPod or iPhone hookups, so you can make your own playlists ahead of the time, and keep the mood elevated. Other busses may have laser light effects or LED lighting to keep things fun! Party busses are generally BYOB, but many do come with fully stocked wet bars, although there may be an additional fee for use. Almost all party busses have wrap around limo seating so guests can sit around in groups and talk. Some even come equipped with dance floors for the truly brave!
Why Should I Look Into Getting a Party Bus for my Event?
You’re guaranteed a safe, reliable, and super fun way to get to bars, clubs, restaurants, or just around town in general. Everyone can have fun — no one has to be the designated driver! — and no one runs the risk of getting slapped with a DUI, which would be a major damper on the night! There are limo-style amenities, but at a much more reasonable price for everyone involved. A lot of stress can be taken out of the equation and everyone can focus on just having a good time!
Additionally, party bus drivers are professionals with a good knowledge of the area and can make your experience even more memorable and fun. Since they’ve most likely been doing the route for awhile, they can even offer advice on where to go and what bars, clubs, or restaurants are especially hot. This can be especially useful if you’re from out of town and trying to celebrate an event in a foreign city.
If your group is especially large, you can even mix and match different busses to keep everyone accommodated. And unlike with other transportation, you don’t have to worry about extra mileage or fuel costs, since most party busses are rented by the hour. (And if you look at especially cheap bus rentals, this can be really be in your best interest!) The best party bus companies won’t charge extra for fuel, how many stops you make, and how far you travel (within reason).
Renting a party bus for a big event can be a cost-effective and fun option to travel in style with large groups of people. It’s sure to be an experience you’ll never forget!