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Month: August 2016

Reasons Your Business Can Benefit from Professional Photography

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No matter what goods or services you are working to sell, your business can profit from using professional photographic services. Pictures that were taken by a professional photographer get more attention that is often more positive than photos that are taken by an amateur. When Redfin looked at how people view professional and amateur photos, they found that the professionally taken images were twice as likely to be shared on social media and via other channels. They also reported that when some houses for sale were photographed with a DSLR camera, sell for between $3,400 to $11,400 more than those where the images were captured with an amateur camera. This was true for homes whose selling prices were between $200,000 and $1 million. Homes that were photographed with the DSLR camera also sell faster. For homes valued at between $400,000 and $500,000, the time on the market was less than six months about 64% of the time. Homes that were photographed with amateur cameras were sold within six months only 46% of the time. Choosing a professional photographer who uses a photo editing service can only improve the quality of your images and generate more leads and sales.

Reasons to Hire Professional Photographer:

  • You will get the results you want. It is easy to think that you can have your staff take the pictures for your website or of the events you hold but it just does not work that way. From real estate marketing to taking head shots of your team, people notice and respond to quality images in a way that they do not to amateur photos. As has been noted, professionally taken photos that have been worked on by a good photo editing service will be consistently the quality you need to show your company in the best light possible. A professional photographer can come in and take the same quality photos at your company retreat as they can when they are taking photos in a studio. They know what they are doing and your materials will reflect that.
  • Professional photographers use only the best equipment. As was noted earlier, the quality of the camera makes a difference in the quality of the resulting photographs. They also have the experience and expertise to make the most of the better equipment. Great photographers can work magic with lower quality cameras than they will have to shoot your project but they will have cameras that are top of the line to get the best shots possible. Most also take advantage of a professional photo editing service so that the quality of the finished product is always right on the money.
  • Your brand deserves nothing less than the best. When people visit your website or look over your marketing materials, they may not say out loud or even acknowledge the thought but will judge your business based on the quality of your images. They may not even be away that they are doing it but the more professional your images look, the more seriously they will take you and your brand. You have only one chance to make a first impression, make it count by hiring a professional to take your images. Between the photographer’s skills at taking photos and the photo editing service’s skill at editing the, your photos will reflect well on you and your brand.
  • When you hire a professional photographer you get a real professional. This means that they are straightforward and upfront with you. If they say they will have your photos done by a certain date, you do not have to worry about getting them on time. When you are working with any kind of professional, there are benefits to it. You should have a fairly detailed contract with them that specifies what your expectations are and what theirs are. That way, if you asked for them to remove the background in your images and they do not do that, for example, you have some recourse.

People like to say that we should not, “judge a book by its cover. This policy is ignored when it comes to images and photos on web sites. Hiring a professional to take your photos can improve how the public sees your brand.

3 Big Reasons to Use Real Estate Photography Editing Services

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Does it make sense to use real estate photography editing services? Will it make that big of a difference on image quality to compensate for cost? As a professional photographer or even an amateur photographer taking real estate photos, you may question the cost and benefit of professional photo editing services. And understandably so: If you’re already using one of the best cameras on the market, how much help can professional photography editing services really provide?

The short answer: a lot. From freeing up your time so you can do other things (like actually taking photos) to helping grow your business and ultimately earning a higher selling price for the real estate you photograph, photography editing services can be a major asset for any professional or amateur real estate photographer.

Here’s why you should use photo editing services:

  1. So you can spend more time shooting

    Professional photographers often turn to photography editing services when their workload becomes so much that they don’t have time to edit their photos themselves. Whether you’re a professional or amateur photographer, real estate photography editing services can take a big weight off your plate.

    Why spend hours in the editing room when you could be spending that time doing other things like taking photos for clients and growing your business?
  2. To grow your business

    Speaking of growing your business, it can be hard to attract new clients if your photos aren’t as pristine as they could be. The market of professional photographers is growing, meaning competition is getting stiffer with each passing year. Between 2014 and 2024, the employment of professional photographers is expected to grow only 3%, slower than the average growth rate projected for all occupations combined. As companies continue to shift to freelancers as opposed to on-staff photographers, finding salaried jobs is going to get even more difficult.

    As any freelancer will tell you, when you freelance, you’re constantly marketing yourself. Your every paycheck depends on your ability to attract new clients and keep the old ones coming back for more. And these days, it’s all about online and word-of-mouth marketing through digital sites like social media. To get the word out there about your business, you need to get people talking – – or, rather: sharing. One study found that people are twice as likely to share professional photographs as they are user-generated photographs. The difference between professional and user-generated? Quality.

    You’ve got the camera and the eye for capturing those perfect moments; real estate photography editing services have the technology to make your photos shine online.
  3. Because quality matters

    When it comes to real estate, the quality of the pictures is almost as important as the quality of the real estate itself. Real estate marketing relies heavily on digital and print media to reach its customers. Chances are your client’s customers are going to see your pictures before they ever seen the actual product (i.e. house or land). As such, realtors depend on professional photographs to help them in their real estate marketing efforts.

    Professionally photographed homes sell for higher prices and in shorter time frames than unprofessionally photographed ones. One study compared homes photographed with DSLR photos to those marketed with point-and-shoot photos. Within six months, 64% of the DSLR photographed homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range had sold while only 46% of the point-and-shoot homes had. Similarly, Redfin found that homes selling for between $200,000 and $1 million sold for $3,400 to $11,200 more when photographed with a DSLR camera.

    Since quality clearly matters, taking the time to ensure your photos are professionally edited is crucial. After all, what good does using the best equipment do if you skimp on the editing?

Professional and amateur photographers alike can fall into the trap of wanting to skip professional real estate photography editing services in favor of saving a few bucks. In the end, however, it’s not only your photographs that will suffer, but also your ultimate home selling price or photography business. Homes and photographers alike depend on quality photographs to bring in the dough. Don’t let skimpy editing hold you or your business back from earning what it deserves. Make an investment in your future by using real estate photography editing services.

Are You Are a Professional Photographer? Improve Your Bottom Line by Outsourcing Photo Editing

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Are you a professional photographer? This is a profession that is a lot of fun. Photographers get to travel the world taking pictures of wildlife and the events of the day. If you are interested in something closer to home, you can be hired to take photos of weddings and other celebrations. You can help people document some of the most important events and memorable times of their lives. More and more companies are hiring freelancers to handle their photography needs. These jobs provide a lot of freedom and flexibility for people who enjoy working on their own schedule. Using photo editing services for photographers can help you grow your business, spend more time doing what you love and make more money doing it.

Reasons to Consider Using Photo Editing Services for Photographers:

  • You will get to spend more time on the actual photography. All the hours that you ‘spend working on editing the photos you have taken, cannot be spent taking photos. The photo editing process is very time consuming and can be tedious. You may think that you are the only person who can edit your images but the truth of the matter is that you were hired to take and deliver excellent photos. Your talent lies in framing and setting up the right photos. All that time you spend at the computer, scanning through the hundreds or thousands of photos you took of an event is time that you are not spending out doing another job. When you got into this business, it was probably because you love taking photos. When you use a photo editing service for photographers, you can spend more time doing what you love and make more money doing it.
  • Photo editing services for photographers are very cost effective. How much money can you make per hour when you are out working? When you are taking photos, that is what people are paying you for. When you price out the different photo editing services for photographers, you should find that you can make more money because you can take more jobs. Many of these services are a lot more cost effective than you may realize when you start looking at this as an option.
  • Spend more time developing a marketing strategy. Anyone who runs their own business knows the importance of marketing. But marketing takes time. If you outsource your photo editing needs to a professional photo editing service, you can spend more of your time working on and implementing a marketing strategy to get the word out about your services and the quality of your work. Even if you are considering hiring a firm to help you with this, there are still some things that you are going to have to do to promote your business.
  • You get a better finished product. You may be a decent photo editor but the people who work for photo editing services for photographers are experts in photo editing. You may have been trained to take great photos and that is important. The people to whom you can outsource your editing needs will make your photos look better than even you imagined they could look. This is a win-win-win. They get more business, you get to do more business in the time you were editing your work and your client get a better quality final product. Everyone ends up happy with this arrangement.
  • Network more to get more business. One of the best ways that small businesses grow is through networking. The problem is that this is also a time consuming endeavor. The good news about networking is that the time spent on it will have a huge return on investment (ROI). When you are out mingling with people in your industry, you can drum up new business and improve your bottom line. The less time you spend tied to your computer editing and scanning the photos you took, the more time you can spend on promotion.

You got into photography because you are a creative person who likes working with different people in different settings. Hiring professional photo editors can only help you do more of that.