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Month: February 2013

Control your image with silk screen printing

Nyc printing

A common practice for record companies is to convince artists that they should give up all creative control and ownership of their music and designs. Unknowing artists, who don’t want to rock the boat so to speak, are willing to give up their image with a small, upfront payment, that usually leaves them seriously indebted to the label.
CD makers help bands and artists promote their work and images through Nyc printing and silk screen shirts, CDs, DVDs, hats and other clothing, memorabilia such as posters and flyers, and so much more.
Seo NYC helps CD makers by building a solid marketing platform that promotes artists using seo techniques.
Those who are trying to break into the entertainment industry don’t need to be taken for a trip with record labels that don’t have the artist’s best interest in mind. Finding the right Cd makers and seo resellers to get artists noticed is all that is necessary. Well, having talent doesn’t hurt either!
When artists turn to companies that focus on professional printing, they have a greater chance of getting noticed.
Printing companies in the New York City area are focusing on T shirt printing, as it is a vastly growing trade. Artists who are looking to keep creative control can turn to printers to silk screen print personal custom T shirts, as well as print a host of other merchandise for the artist. Other clothing, such as hoodies, shorts, boxers, and sweatpants can be silk screen printed. And for those who want their music to look as good as it sounds, many NYC printers can create several types of silkscreen prints for CD makers and DVDs. Artists can choose from offset printing, which applies four layers of ink in colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, onto the CD Rom or DVD surface. For each layer, a reverse image of the page is placed on a roller in the printing press. Ink is applied to the non image areas on the roller, so that as the roller presses against paper moving through the press, the proper image is left on the paper. Offset printing is ideal for intricate full color designs, tones, and text.
Silkscreen Printing involves inks being applied to a screen and forced through holes in a stencil to create images during the CD makers process. Silkscreen printing can include up to five single colors, or four color process (CMYK).
CD makers may want to choose offset printing methods to create lasting images and crisp test on CDs and DVDs. The lines per inch are smoother and clearer. Offset printing for CD makers is best because the process uses plats and rollers to transfer the ink, rather than forcing ink through holes. CD makers will be pleased to see that there are no screen marks when using offset printing methods.
Either way they choose, artists that use printing companies to promote their work will retain creativity and control or their image, thus giving them the peace of mind needed to focus on their work and their art form.

How Corporate Team Building Can Boost Your Business

Indoor team building

If you have ever been forced to participate in an ice breaker as a teen, you may have a negative stigma around team building events, remembering them as uncomfortable and awkward. However, there are tons of benefits to team building activities, especially in the corporate setting, that make them something to think about for your business.

Since working as a team is essential when you need to accomplish something successfully as a group, running team building events for your colleagues is a great way to foster a line of communication, and promote unity within the group.

Team building events refers to a wide range of activities, presented to businesses, schools, sports teams, religious or nonprofit organizations designed for improving team performance. Since your coporate team is unique, and so you should choose a corporate entertainment adventure that is also unique. Choose from different indoor team building and outdoor team building activities.

If you are unsure where to begin, or do not have any experience or time to plan your own corporate fun days, there are several great third party companies that will help you plan your team building, family fun days, or evening entertainment team building events. Whether your team is experiencing difficulties, or you are just looking for something fun to do together, corporate team building is a great resource for fostering productivity and communication. More.

The Wedding Card Box

Wedding card holder ideas

If you are looking for a unique and personal wedding reception gift card box or a wedding card money holder you can find some really unique ones today. There are all kinds of wedding card box ideas that you can find out about. Every bride wants to pay particular attention to every little detail about her wedding and reception, even down to the wedding money holder. Some guests like to give cards and money instead of other kinds of gifts and you want to make provisions to receive their cards with class. A card holder for weddings is the best idea.

Look for a wedding card box that can be completely personalized. There are various selections on the market today that offer different ideas on what to use for your guests to put their cards and money gifts in. For instance, look for a wedding card box holder that you can have the name of the bride and groom printed on it, along with the wedding date. Your wedding card holder can be displayed prominently on a table at your wedding reception. Look for one that holds your wedding cards securely. The wedding card box is usually placed near the bride and groom or at the entrance door. The best ideas will be ones that match the general decor of your wedding reception too.

Check out some contemporary artists

Famous modern artists

“Starry Night” by Van Gogh. “The Mona Lisa” by Da Vinci. We all know these famous works of art. But, did you know that there are amazing, relatively undiscovered contemporary artists creating new works today? There is a whole world of modern artists for you to check out. If you want to really get in touch with what is going on in the world of art these days, you have to check out some famous modern art artists and abstract artists that are still alive and producing great works.

Although it can be wonderful to live in a major city where famous modern artists are regularly practicing their crafts, holding gallery openings, and, for some, even teaching burgeoning creative types, it is not necessary to be within a stones throw of the best contemporary artists to find out what is going on. Even if you live in the middle of nowhere, if you have a connection to the internet (which, obviously, you do, because you are reading this article), you can join online discussion forums and art journals on the world wide web that can help you make sure that you do not miss a beat when something happens in the art world.

Learning about contemporary artists is a great way for other artists to get some great inspiration. Although it is possible to create your own work in a vacuum, so to speak, learning about other contemporary artists and seeing what they are up to can really help to get the creative juices flowing. Many contemporary artists hit mental blocks with their work, so, if you have been having trouble moving forward with a concept, or even picking up your brush, chisel, or markers, it might be a good time to inundate yourself with the work of some other contemporary artists who are not in the middle of such a block. Opening your mind to the work of other creatives and contemporary artists could help to break up the blockage that you are experiencing, and give way to a flood of creativity and personal expression.

Carnival Games are a Great Way to Liven a Party

Giant scalextric

Are you interested in hosting a birthday party, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or another celebration? Do you want the party filled with fun and frivolity? Consider transforming your party into a mock carnival. Inflatable games, carnival stalls, F1 simulators, and giant Scalextric are all available to you. In fact, you can even hire giant games and giant scalextric sets for just the day you need them.

Carnival games are a great way to enliven every party. A portmanteau of the Latin words for meat and farewell, Carnival originated in Catholic countries as the time to go wild before Lent began. Medieval Venice originated what we know as the modern carnival, where there were street performers, games, and very early amusement rides.

Carnivals of today have just as much celebration as they did back then, only with much more automation. Take giant Scalextric sets. Scalextric is a brand of slot machine cars, manufactured in Britain, that follow a set course. Invented in the 1950s and first shown at Harrowgate in London, Scalextrics are built to a 32th the size of the real cars they represent. A giant Scalextric set can be a great way to let guests race cars in a controlled environment. A giant Scalextric set may even make some guests nostalgic for the cars of yesteryear.

Of course, there are other leisure hire services available, in addition to giant Scalextric sets. Popular carnival games are placed at strategic points at the party. Inflatable toys, such as a moon bounce or castle, are everywhere throughout. Many leisure hire services even have barkers to help facilitate the games.

If it is any type of party, be it a wedding, retirement, or family get together, turn it into a carnival. With a giant Scalextric set and other carnival games, you may transport some of your guests back in time. A giant Scalextric set and other amenities will also bring fun and merriment to all of your guests.

Photo Booth Rentals Let You Hold Onto History

San diego photo booth rentals

Orange County photo booth rentals are not just great for party entertainment or corporate events. Rather, Orange County photo booth rentals and San Diego photo booth rentals let you hold on to a piece of photographic history, if only for a moment. Using Orange County photo booth rentals connect you with a rich legacy that is photography, and can let the imagination soar.

The prototype to any Orange County photo booth rentals, the Daguerrotype, first appeared in 1827. Color photography was invented by British physicist James Maxwell in 1861, but the revolution did not start until film. George Eastman invented film for Kodak, and manufactured the first 35 mm film in 1892. Kodak also invented the first digital camera, having only 1.4 megapixels.

Today, Orange County photo booth rentals capture the imagination. At the high end of the market, a rare 1923 Leica camera at Vienna was the most expensive ever sold, netting 2.8 million USD. For the more casual, he may wish to rent a photo booth, or even buy a photo booth. However one chooses to hold onto photographic history, one can surely get a hold of a treasure. Learn more about this topic here.

Exciting Wedding Locations in Virginia Beach

Virginia beach wedding catering

During the time before weddings were performed, people often lived communally, rather than in families; and historical research has found that weddings were first performed around 4350 years ago. As with any cultural or religious rituals and ceremonies, traditions are born, while others die off. Further, traditions vary across cultures. For instance, in some cultures, such as Bedouin girls, females begin to make their dresses before they reach the age of ten, as they would marry by their mid teens. In Western culture, such as wedding locations in Virginia Beach, white dresses, as worn by 87 percent of brides. Wedding event planning in Virginia Beach includes Virginia beach wedding receptions and Virginia beach wedding catering.

Whenever a couple makes plans to use wedding locations in Virginia Beach, arranging for the meal is usually handled through event catering in Virginia Beach. Considering the geography of Virginia Beach, there are several wedding locations in Virginia Beach from which to choose, including ocean side wedding and wedding cruises. If a couple does not have any particular idea in mind, when considering wedding locations in Virginia Beach, perhaps a Virginia Beach event planning resource could help.

The internet has a wealth of resources, which provide emails and phone numbers to ocean side restaurants, hotels, resorts, yacht clubs, and other more generalized venues; and thus, it is easy to find event locations in virginia beach. In many ocean oriented cities and towns, taking advantage of the beauty of the ocean is always popular. Therefore, Virginia beach proprietors have capitalized upon this opportunity, which is evident in the variety of wedding locations in Virginia Beach, particularly those near the ocean.