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Month: April 2019

Creating Photo Albums of Old Photographs

Many historical photographs, documents, drawings, maps, and more are carefully preserved by today’s conservation companies, and these old items may have historic, academic, or sentimental value. Many of them have more than one type of value, in fact, and no one wants them to be lost or destroyed. The good news is that old documents, photos, and more can be preserved in easily assembled 3-ring binder pages, aluminum photo frames, custom cut mats, and more. These easily assembled storage items can keep an old document or photo safe and protect it from degradation, and these easily assembled photo albums or frames allow a person to view the photos while keeping them safe from harmful effects. Photo envelopes and metal picture frame kits may help with this, and any conservation company is bound to have these easily assembled materials to keep old ite Continue reading

Awesome Apple Activities for Fall

When you think of the autumn season, what comes to mind? Is it colorful leaves, spooky Halloween decorations, and pumpkins? How about apple picking and apple cider? Some of the best fall activities involve apples and all the awesome things you can do with them. From family outings to baking everything apple made, there are all kinds of great things you can do this fall season.

Apple Picking

This is the best place to start when it comes to your autumn activities. If you want to take part in a bunch apple related fun, then you’re going to need apples. Plenty of orchards offer u-pick along with other exciting activities such as hay rides, petting zoos, and cider mills. You and the family can go enjoy all of this together, and if you go to the right place you can even enjoy some delicious apple donuts!


There are all kinds of fun, family friendly games you can play with apples. The classic bobb Continue reading