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A corporate event is a great way for members of a company to escape the office. One great idea is to have an outdoor corporate event. It’s understandable to feel slightly overwhelmed at the thought of planning a corporate party. You’ll find out that following a few steps will ensure an upcoming corporate event is a huge hit. Here are four tips to help ensure you throw a perfect outdoor corporate event.

  1. Location is Extremely Important

    Many people prefer to host outdoor events near amenities. You’ll find that an event near power and water sources will cut down on additional party planning steps. It’s wise to check into outdoor spaces used for corporate event rentals. You’ll want to ensure that guests have access to restroom facilities. No one wants to walk for miles to find a nearby restroom.
  2. Keep Guests Safe in Any Weather

    Corporate events held outdoors benefit from tent rentals. These tents aren’t the ones you think of when on a camping trip. Corporate event tents are large coverings made to keep everyone and everything safe during an event. These tents look great and are often made from nylon which is durable and strong. It’s understandable to feel unsure of what sized tent you’ll need. Take the number of guests at this event multiplied by square footage for equipment and seating, the result is the estimated tent size to rent.
  3. Give Guests Enough Space

    It’s understandable to feel unsure of space needs for an event. If you’re renting a tent, there’s a simple equation you’ll want to utilize. Take the number of guests at this event multiplied by square footage for equipment and seating, the result is what sized tent to utilize. It’s important to be concerned with letting guests have ample walking room. The last thing you want is guests tripping over each other. It’s recommended to utilize about five to six feet in between chairs.
  4. Keep Pests Away

    An outdoor event lets guests experience the beauty of being outside. Outdoor environments are known to contain pests, especially when food and drinks are brought out. It’s wise to contact a pest control service to treat an area before the party begins. You might want to set up candles or lights that reduce the presence of pests.
  5. Ensure Party is Brightly Lit

    You’ll always want guests to see where they’re going. It’s understandable to have certain areas, including the dance floor, lit appropriately. However, walkways and path must be brightly lit to keep guests safe. You’ll find that tent rentals are easy to keep lit properly. A party with safe guests is an event that keeps everyone happy.

In summary, there are several tips to follow when planning a corporate event. The location of an outdoor event is extremely important. It’s wise to choose an outdoor space with access to nearby amenities. You don’t want guests to have to leave the party to use the bathroom or take a phone call. It’s wise to utilize tent rentals when hosting outdoor events. A tent will ensure that guests and equipment remain safe from unpredictable weather. It’s wise to utilize candles or lights that keep pests away from your outdoor event. Keeping a party space brightly lit ensure guests are able to walk safely. Office workers love being able to enjoy an event held in the great outdoors.