Contemporary artist

Art is often lost in the craziness that happens to be everyday life these days. The truth is, artistic freedom is just becoming more and more common and, although beautiful and captivating, is less likely to be recognized as unique or rare. A contemporary artist who produces artistic work today is less likely to be recognized as a new smartphone model will be. The advances in technology may be to blame for art being lost on society but there are great and inspiring contemporary artists out there to explore. Check out local art galleries featuring contemporary artists in your area to uncover a local gem or start researching famous contemporary artists who have had major influences on the modern art artists in the world today.

Famous modern artists are less likely to dazzle with a paint brush than they are to produce a new work of art out of a paint can. Somewhat like an abstract artist, today we see an up and coming contemporary artist looking for new, unique, and free form concepts to make new art. One of the more famous works of our generation, speaking for the rest of the 30 somethings out there, is a motion picture that uses music and a closer look at how film and time are correlated. It is quite successful and has been held in high regard by contemporary artists and critics throughout the world. The big thing to understand is that, much like fashion trends and styles have evolved and faded out over the years, so has traditional art. A contemporary artist is still allowed to use a paintbrush and a canvas but it is also perfectly acceptable for them to use pieces of metal, iron, and steel to forge a new piece out of scraps.

There is no trick to finding a contemporary artist who is considered ‘the best’ or a the ‘new Michelangelo.’ Instead, the saying ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’ determines what we find attractive. Today, a contemporary artist is more likely to create something that qualifies as abstract rather than traditional art but, thanks to the individual freedom each artist is innately granted, that does not deem it good nor bad. It is all about what the viewer of a contemporary artists work sees that determines whether they like it or not.