Light las vegas events

For decades clubbing was synonymous with dressing in your finest, most expensive clothing and standing in a line outside the club. Women would wear dresses and heels, men would wear suits and $500 shoes. And while you can still get VIP bottle service at a ton of nightclubs in Sin City, thousands of people are now showing up to the city’s best parties wearing sandals and flip-flops.
A few years ago, the thought of wearing a tanktop and flip flops to a Las Vegas nightclub would have been unthinkable. Then a little something called Rehab changed the clubbing world forever. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino launched their now famous dayclub called Rehab, and it quickly became one of the most famous pool parties anywhere in the world. Clubgoers could nurse their hangovers, sunbathe by the pool, and party at one of the coolest pools in the world, all while seeing the biggest DJs in the world.
But while Rehab may have been the first, virtually everyone agrees that Encore Beach Club Las Vegas is now the undisputed #1 pool party in Las Vegas, and quite probably the entire world. The famous Las Vegas Beach Club finally opened its doors for 2016 in April, and already Wynn has booked top shelf DJ talent like Avicii, Martin Solveig, David Guetta, Flosstradamus, Dillon Francis, and more for its Spring/Summer 2016 lineup. Ticket agencies are as desperate as EDM fans and club kids to get their hands on Encore nightclub tickets.
Thrillist named Encore Las Vegas the best pool party in the city, writing, “This weekend-long party is insanely popular and worth the long lines to get inside, with a vast poolside area, foam parties, DJs like David Guetta, and yes, stripper poles on the water.”
So how do you get inside the Las Vegas Beach Club?
There’s a nighttime pool party (dubbed nightswim) on Thursdays from 10 p.m. to 4 a.m., but you’ll have to show up in daylight on weekends. If you want to access the swimming pool area — and trust us, you do — then dress to impress in your sexiest swimming attire.
Of course, just because the Las Vegas Beach Club dress code is slightly more relaxed than the famously exclusive dress codes of most Las Vegas nightclubs, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dress to impress. There’s still a long, long list of DO NOT WEAR clothing items to beware of if you want to get into the pool area, including no jeans or pants, to torn or cut-off clothing, no chains or baggy clothing, no athletic gear (yes, that includes athleisure wear), and finally, no European sunbathing.
Yes, “European sunbathing” means wearing nothing at all. We all know Las Vegas is called Sin City for a reason. We all know you can’t walk two feet down the Strip without being accosted by illegal immigrants passing out business cards with “massage therapists” on them. We all know Vegas clubs like are famous for prominently featuring gorgeous young women wearing as little as possible. Even so, Wynn doesn’t want people going totally nude at their parties (or so they say).