Art is a universal trait of the human race, and art goes far back in human history to the times of the Stone Age. Cave paintings are a common example of pre-historic art. Many art historians have documented the trends and progress of art through the millennia, where many topics, from the mundane to spiritual, have been depicted. As of the last two centuries, many art forms, from Romanticism and Impressionism to photography and abstract art have proven popular. What is more, art does more than look attractive; it has long since been shown to have a positive mental effect on whoever looks at it. Taste in art is almost infinitely varied, as art itself is, but psychologists have confirmed that art in strategic places can do a lot of good. An art consultant is an expert who understands the role that art plays on the human mind, and art consulting firms are available for hire by businesses today. Hotel art, framed photos in the office, and more can act as a mental boost to anyone who sees it Continue reading