Modern art artists

When it comes to contempoary, abstract, and modern art artists, Americans can be an ignorant bunch. One would be hard pressed to approach people randomly on the street and find more than five percent who can state the difference between a famous modern artists and famous comtemporary artists. The reasons for this are difficult to determine. However, a good bet might be due to the fact that art is not valued as highly in the United States as it is in other parts of the world; and that is a shame. Art of all kinds is what makes the world beautiful, interesting, and unique; and it is through art and literature that humans often have learned about the past.

Some claim that the old fashioned, no nonsense American spirit, which encourages citizens to be straight forward, hard working, if unrefined, individualists condones an attitute that modern art artists and aesthetics are useless, serve no legitimate purpose, and offer no tangible value. It would be interesting to know how many people who harbor such narrow minded opinions actually recognize how the work of modern art artists affects their lives. Although it would be difficult to make such a measurement, a good guess might be in the range of 90 percent or more. Unless one decides to adorn themselves in completely black attire with no style, and drive flat black automobiles that look like boxes on wheels, they need to reconsider the value of visual arts on their lives. Without the efforts of modern art artists, contemporary artists, and abstract artists, the world would be a dull place with tired ideas.

Everything from the way people dress, the homes in which they live, and the cars they drive are some how related to the work of modern art artists. But art does not only make life more interesting, unique, and colorful, but it provides world citizens with a sense of history and human accomplishment. After all, not too long after everyone is dead and buried, history will not remember the money they made today, yesterday, or at any time; nor will it make any notes about 99.99 percent of us. However, the great modern art artists will live on for centuries.