Wedding dance charleston

Looking for ways to incorporate ballroom dance into your wedding reception? These tips will keep your guests on the dance floor all night long!

  1. Provide comfy shoes and socks
    Make it easy for your guests to dance by letting them kick off their uncomfortable formal shoes and provide flip-flops and socks. Simply putting out a big tub of flip-flops and socks in all sizes is a great way to encourage your guests to get dancing. After all, they won’t have an excuse when they don’t have shoes holding them back!
  2. Have your bride and groom dance in the middle of the night
    You don’t want your bride and groom dance to happen right away, because if you do your guests will become disinterested and stay away from the dance floor all night. Instead, do your dance in the middle of the night to keep your guests interested.
  3. Spice up your first dance
    On that note, consider spicing up your first dance to really shine! Taking dance lessons with a professional ballroom dance instructor will make all the difference in the world. You will be able to graduate from simply swaying on the floor to doing a rumba, swing, or even tango for your first dance. It only takes a few lessons to see improvement!
  4. Make sure the bar is near the dance floor
    Even for those who don’t drink, making sure a bar is nearby is a great idea for when your guests need to rehydrate!
  5. Get interactive
    Make sure the DJ interacts with the crowd to really get the group going! Have games, competitions, and announcements telling the guests they are able to request songs at any time!

In the world of dance, ballroom dance refers to the 10 dances in the International Ballroom and International Latin categories. From rumba, the dance of love, to the sassy samba or cha cha, any one of these dances would be perfect for your wedding. So make sure to call up a dance studio today and schedule your first dance lesson! It only takes one, two, three!