Abstract artist

If you consider yourself an abstract artist, you probably already know how difficult it is to create abstract art pieces that other people can appreciate. Understanding abstract art is something that students can learn about in art classes in high school and in college. Not everyone appreciates the work that an abstract artist does though. You have to be a abstract artist aficionado to appreciate some of the pieces being done by the modern art artists now. Aspiring abstract art students can learn to recognize what constitute abstract art and then learn from famous abstract artists today.

Some of today’s contemporary artists are quite talented and gifted at creating masterful art pieces. There are several famous contemporary artists in the world today. Some famous artists of old are also in the abstract artist class who were way ahead of their time. Some of the famous contemporary artists to learn about today would be Willi Baumeister, Stuart Davis or Arthur Dove. Another famous abstract artist you should know about is Simon Addyman. He is from Colchester England. He went to the Colchestesr school of Art as well as the City and Guilds Art School in London. He later moved to the United States. Addyman, well known for his intense gestural brushstrokes, is famous for painting his emotions.

David Belovas is another well known contemporary artist. After graduating from the Tbillsi Academy of Art in 1979, Belovas began experimenting with his artistic talents. He went on to gain the recognition of the Union of Artists as a contemporary artist in the U.S.S. R.

One way to see the work of a modern artist in person is to go to a local art gallery. Some art galleries arrange for special showings of the work that famous modern artists have done. When you travel to large cities be sure you check the art galleries to see if they have any work from a local contemporary artist on display.