Giant scalextric

Are you interested in hosting a birthday party, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah or another celebration? Do you want the party filled with fun and frivolity? Consider transforming your party into a mock carnival. Inflatable games, carnival stalls, F1 simulators, and giant Scalextric are all available to you. In fact, you can even hire giant games and giant scalextric sets for just the day you need them.

Carnival games are a great way to enliven every party. A portmanteau of the Latin words for meat and farewell, Carnival originated in Catholic countries as the time to go wild before Lent began. Medieval Venice originated what we know as the modern carnival, where there were street performers, games, and very early amusement rides.

Carnivals of today have just as much celebration as they did back then, only with much more automation. Take giant Scalextric sets. Scalextric is a brand of slot machine cars, manufactured in Britain, that follow a set course. Invented in the 1950s and first shown at Harrowgate in London, Scalextrics are built to a 32th the size of the real cars they represent. A giant Scalextric set can be a great way to let guests race cars in a controlled environment. A giant Scalextric set may even make some guests nostalgic for the cars of yesteryear.

Of course, there are other leisure hire services available, in addition to giant Scalextric sets. Popular carnival games are placed at strategic points at the party. Inflatable toys, such as a moon bounce or castle, are everywhere throughout. Many leisure hire services even have barkers to help facilitate the games.

If it is any type of party, be it a wedding, retirement, or family get together, turn it into a carnival. With a giant Scalextric set and other carnival games, you may transport some of your guests back in time. A giant Scalextric set and other amenities will also bring fun and merriment to all of your guests.