Nyc printing

A common practice for record companies is to convince artists that they should give up all creative control and ownership of their music and designs. Unknowing artists, who don’t want to rock the boat so to speak, are willing to give up their image with a small, upfront payment, that usually leaves them seriously indebted to the label.
CD makers help bands and artists promote their work and images through Nyc printing and silk screen shirts, CDs, DVDs, hats and other clothing, memorabilia such as posters and flyers, and so much more.
Seo NYC helps CD makers by building a solid marketing platform that promotes artists using seo techniques.
Those who are trying to break into the entertainment industry don’t need to be taken for a trip with record labels that don’t have the artist’s best interest in mind. Finding the right Cd makers and seo resellers to get artists noticed is all that is necessary. Well, having talent doesn’t hurt either!
When artists turn to companies that focus on professional printing, they have a greater chance of getting noticed.
Printing companies in the New York City area are focusing on T shirt printing, as it is a vastly growing trade. Artists who are looking to keep creative control can turn to printers to silk screen print personal custom T shirts, as well as print a host of other merchandise for the artist. Other clothing, such as hoodies, shorts, boxers, and sweatpants can be silk screen printed. And for those who want their music to look as good as it sounds, many NYC printers can create several types of silkscreen prints for CD makers and DVDs. Artists can choose from offset printing, which applies four layers of ink in colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, onto the CD Rom or DVD surface. For each layer, a reverse image of the page is placed on a roller in the printing press. Ink is applied to the non image areas on the roller, so that as the roller presses against paper moving through the press, the proper image is left on the paper. Offset printing is ideal for intricate full color designs, tones, and text.
Silkscreen Printing involves inks being applied to a screen and forced through holes in a stencil to create images during the CD makers process. Silkscreen printing can include up to five single colors, or four color process (CMYK).
CD makers may want to choose offset printing methods to create lasting images and crisp test on CDs and DVDs. The lines per inch are smoother and clearer. Offset printing for CD makers is best because the process uses plats and rollers to transfer the ink, rather than forcing ink through holes. CD makers will be pleased to see that there are no screen marks when using offset printing methods.
Either way they choose, artists that use printing companies to promote their work will retain creativity and control or their image, thus giving them the peace of mind needed to focus on their work and their art form.