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How To Make Sure Your Wedding Day Is A Success

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Nobody wants their wedding, baby shower or birthday bash to be a disaster. When you invest a lot of time and effort planning a special occasion, it can be incredibly frustrating when your guests aren’t happy or bad weather ruins your set-up. With wedding carpet rentals and a backyard party tent, however, you can ensure that your careful scheduling and design doesn’t go to waste. A relaxing event is supported with a proactive effort, after all, and renting your supplies can eliminate the middleman and help you focus on what you do best.

Know Your Weddings Basics

Are you throwing a wedding soon? It’s important to know your basics so it can go off without a hitch. According to the Knot’s 2014 Real Wedding Study, wedding guests tend to average 136 more often than not. Likewise, the average length of an engagement is 12 to 14 months. This means couples often want at least a year to plan their special day. Last, but not least, the most popular month to get married is in June followed closely by October.

Make Sure There’s Enough Room

Party rentals shouldn’t make any given space cramped and uncomfortable. If your event plans on hosting a speech or another type of presentation that requires chairs to be lined up, it’s recommended you allow five or six square feet per chair. For the more bulky chairs add a little more space to be on the safe side. After all, people will need to get up, move around and keep an eye on unruly children all the while. Aisles and speaker areas often need eight square feet per person, with cocktail services five or six square feet.

Keep An Eye Out For Disagreeable Weather

A common concern that has many reaching out for wedding carpet rentals and party tents for rent is disagreeable weather. Should your event be held outside (one of the more common decisions as of late), a tent can ensure that any wind, dust or sprinkles are kept at bay. The two most common types of tops are polyester and vinyl. Which one you’ll choose depends on your taste. Vinyl is considered both durable and affordable, making it a popular choice for weddings and baby showers.

Rent Your Party Equipment

Wedding linen rentals, wedding tents for rent and wedding carpet rentals are all wonderful elements to add to a special day. They offer you the variety and flexibility you need on top of peace-of-mind, with any spills or tears generally covered by the company in question. It doesn’t hurt to double-check their policies, however, to make sure you can proceed with your event without a care in the world. Remember that tents are ideal for outdoor parties and gatherings, while extra space should be considered when setting up benches, chairs and tables for speeches. When you need a little help during a stressful planning session, rental equipment is here to help.

Remember All of the Party Rental Essentials

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Planning a big event can be exciting, but it is not without its challenges. Proper time and care must be taken in order to accurately prepare for an event if you want everything to go smoothly. Generally when you throw a party or event, you don’t want anyone to put any thought into the set up of it all, other than to admire it all and have a good time. One of the biggest aspects of your event will be your choice of venue. While there are plenty of options for indoor parties, such as event halls, schools, hotels, churches, and other buildings meant to serve the needs of many people at once, more and more people are opting to take their event outside.

From sound equipment to wedding carpet rentals
If you are planning an outdoor event, chances are you are going to need to look into several different types of party rentals. There are many different types of outdoor events that you might be celebrating, but one of the most popular and significant would be a wedding. If you rent a tent for a wedding, you could choose to have the ceremony out in the open air with the reception and festivities taking place in the tent, or you could make the tent versatile, converting it between the ceremony and celebrations, as long as you have enough help, as well as a place for guests to go during the transformation. But a tent is not the only thing you will need. If you are expecting a sizable crowd, you may want to have a sound system available during the ceremony, and you will certainly want one when it comes time for the dancing and musical festivities. And of course there are chairs and tables to consider, and you will likely need to look at wedding carpet rentals for the aisle during the main event.

Wedding chairs, wedding tables, wedding carpet rentals
If you have a lot of friends and family members willing to help out and pitch in to help prepare for the big day, you might be able to save some money on the cost of rentals and labor. But if you are not quite sure who will actually be able to show up to assist, and if you are not quite sure if the handful of tables that your uncle can bring will match the handful of tables that your neighbor was planning on bringing to set up, you might want to consider finding a rental service that can ensure everything is just as you envision it. If your event is large enough to warrant the rental of a tent, you are probably going to want things to look sharp, and not thrown together. And the right service will also help you think about everything, including the details you may have forgotten, like wedding carpet rentals.

Preparing for an outdoor wedding

One study conducted by The Knot showed that June and October were the two most popular months in which couples choose to marry. Getting married in June is a great time to have the event outdoors, and October could also be a pleasant time to celebrate outdoors, depending on the location and the setup. That same study showed that 136 people is the average amount of people attending a wedding. That is a pretty significant number, and one that will need to be aptly planned for, particularly in an outdoor setting where every item must be put in place. There is more involved in the set up process than just double checking the correct amount of chairs and places at the tables. You also need to ensure there is enough space for everyone to comfortably enjoy every part of the event. It is recommended that about five to six square feet is provided for each chair or seat lined up in rows, and 10 to 12 square feet for each person at tables.

You want your day to be perfect. Proper planning and finding the right rentals to fit your needs will help to accomplish that dream of perfection.