Contemporary artists

There are plenty of modern artist out there now a days doing all sorts of unique, and stunning work. Contemporary artists from all over the world are involved in a plethora of styles. Some of these artists are concerned with there work making some sort of social commentary. Others just want visually stunning pieces. Whatever their motivation, the modern artist is more plentiful then any other time in history.

The abstract artist produces stunning works that often leave the eyes dancing in the viewer’s head. Different shapes will often swirl and interact in a pool of colors that leaves the viewer with the sense of being lost in a visual waterfall. There are many famous contemporary artists and famous modern artists who have achieved this effect.

Many a modern artist will use their artistic skills to point out what they take to be an important commentary on some social issue. Often times it will center around gender, race, or socio economic matters. The goal is to convince the viewer of the importance of the issue being portrayed, and hopefully compel them into action in the name of that issue. The modern art artists will use their artistic ability to try and seamlessly integrate their work with the real life around them. To truly make a piece of art that will speak to the viewer about, say the racism still felt by the African American today, the art must be representative of that racism in a way which the viewer will say to themselves “oh yeah, I have seen that.” Only then will the message of the art get across.

The modern artist operates in diverse mediums to get their point out there. Some use canvas and paint, some pencil and paper. Some will make 3D objects of one sort or another, and still some will use the medium of sound. The mediums available are almost as endless as the messages they are trying to get across. The modern artist is truly an animal of many masks.