Famous modern artists

Many people are quick to dismiss modern art, but we live in a time of incredible art innovation. Many of the artists who are just making their name now are destined to become the Van Goghs and Picassos remembered by future generations. What are some of the most famous modern artists alive right now?

First, Damien Hirst. He is famous for selling a diamond studded platinum skull, and is an internationally renowned artist. Death is a common theme in his works, and many of his pieces are different dead animals preserved in Formaldyhyde. One of his best known pieces in this The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living, which is a tiger shark preserved on formaldyhyde.

Second, Sophie Calle is a French modern artist who focuses on ideas like human vulnerability, identity, and intimacy. She is known for her detective esque ability to follow around complete strangers in order to observe their private lives. As an abstract artist she often delves into examining interactions between people and place, the familiar and strangers.

Third, Gerhard Richter is one of the most prolific famous contemporary artists, whose pieces have sold many times for thousands and millions of dollars. His piece Domplatz, Mailand sold for 37 million in May 2013. He is the top selling living artist in the entire world. Richter is German and his work spans multiple genres of art and painting, though he is perhaps more famous for his ove rpainted photographs, and 4900 colors. He has been both an abstract artist and a more traditional portrait painter at the very same time, which is rare among top artists.

Fourth, Marjetica Potrc, from Slovenia, began her abstract artist journey in architecture and journeyed into art. She examines structures and situations in distant places and tweaks them to be more serviceable and livable. She has made art that helps people as well, such as dry toilets for Latin American slums.

Modern art artists, it can be seen, examine the world in a multitude of ways. Though their pieces are quite different from more traditional art expressions, they make people examine concepts differently, see information in a new way, and sometimes they even help things to happen in the real world. The abstract artist is an important part of art history.